black widow and white wood


Leo Tolstoy
Yasnaya Poliana, Russia 

Cuypersbibliotheek, 1960

Alicia Markova (1 December 1910 – 2 December 2004) in Giselle, as she appeared for the first time with the Grand Ballet du Marquis de Cuevas at the Empire Theatre, Paris, on November 21, 1953. 
(Photo by Serge Lido)

Etude #2,  1931 (Maurice Cloche)
My thought is me: that is why I can’t stop. I exist by what I think .. and I can’t prevent myself from thinking. At this very moment – this is terrible – if I exist, it is because I hate existing. It is I, it is I who pull myself from the nothingness to which I aspire: hatred and disgust for existence are just so many ways of making me exist, of thrusting me into existence.
Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea (via seabois)

(via seabois)

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Margot Fonteyn, 1939

˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚

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She was waiting, but she didn’t know for what. She was aware only of her solitude, and of the penetrating cold, and of a greater weight in the region of her heart.
Albert Camus, ‘The Adulterous Woman’ from Exile And The Kingdom (via seabois)

(via seabois)

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Tanaquil Le Clercq